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toast annoys me so much cos like it’s bread that’s been toasted so we call it “toast” but if you fry a potato it’s not called a “fry”


do you ever look back at your mistakes

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if this doesn’t make you want a latte more then i don’t know what will
  • Guy in my class: Sir, what if we had a gay P.E. teacher? That'd be bad because he'd be looking at all the guys in shorts.
  • Teacher: You're assuming that all gay teachers are pedophiles.
  • Guy: Well...yeah.
  • Teacher: Carl I absolutely promise you that NO ONE in this school wants to have sex with you
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    you know when ur in a certain position in the car where its like wow if i get in a crash im fucked

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you can still have no lines in a movie and still be a phenomenal actress


    i want to sit on a kitchen counter in my underwear at 3 am with you and talk about the universe

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fall: the season of coziness ♡


    "Are you kidding me?"
    “No, im adulting you”

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    my motto is don’t dress to impress, dress to intimidate. dress to make ppl admire and envy you so much that it literally scares them.

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